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Below you will find all the information on 2013 Vespa models including colours, prices, stats and technical information. There are also some great advertising images and info of Vespa old and new.


Vespa Primavera

The latest edition to the Vespa scooter family. An enhanced replacement of the Vespa LX, with many new features and design aspects taken from the Vespa 946 including the new LED lights, increased storage space and aerodynamic design offering more space for passengers.
This scooter is offered in a wide range of colours and is set to be a big contender for other similar scooters in the spring.

vespa primavera


Vespa PX

Manufactured in the same Italian factory as it's predecessor but with more style, speed and that little extra something this time round. The PX is the scooter for every need, whether it be commuting to work, nipping through busy streets, or just to be brought out on those glorious summer days to enjoy a leisurely ride and then relax in your favourite beer garden (after arriving in style!). Vespa owners are more than just owners of a scooter, they are part of a community of riders who have a passion for quality and style. Why not become part of that community and invest in the ever-classic Vespa PX. Available in store now! Available in four colours including the new midnight blue for 2012 ( there is still a limited number left in the original azzuro blue) in both a 125cc and a 150cc.

vespa px


Vespa GTS Super

The launch of the most powerful Vespa ever built - the Vespa GTS 300cc Super proved to be such a success that Vespa decided to introduce the 125 version - the Vespa GTS Super 125c! The 125cc version has been fitted with an electronic fuel injection engine and offers incredibly high performance and practically, not to mention a stylish way of getting around town! The racing soul of this superb scooter is obvious at first glance - the front suspension with the spring in bright red, the front shield with chrome trimmed grill, the round headlights with black trim, the sporty dashboard and the design of the black seat, clearly inspired by classic Vespa models. The liquid cooled, four valve, four stroke engine absorbs less energy and helps reduce fuel consumption, providing sufficiently lower running costs. Service intervals have also been extended by 65% from 6,000Km to 10,000Km.

The Vespa GTS Super 300cc is the most powerful Vespa ever built and one that we know you will agree is worthy of the Vespa historic title of "super".The increased engine performance provides quick pick up and acceleration and gives a higher level of torque making the scooter flexible and quick from low speeds.
The steel frame and metal panelling gives the Vespa superior rigidity and control that you would expect and the chassis features 12 inch wheels with classic link arm front suspension that reduces the lunge effect and provides neutral braking.

It also has new features that highlight and reflect its sporty nature:

* New Dashboard
* New steering column cover
* New crest on front fender
* Rear suspension spring to emphasize the sporty design
* Black wheel centered with silver rim
* New sporty seat design in black
* Power 22cv @ 7500 rpm
vespa gts super


Vespa LX
*This model is now being phased out and replaced by the Vespa Primavera* The Vespa LX displays a successful blend of classic Vespa style, modern design and twist and go ease. The round headlamp and rear view mirrors in chrome plated steel are a style statement straight out of Vespa history. Vespa has added a unique feature to the LX model - an 11 inch front wheel with a new five-spoke design in aluminium alloy for greater stability and pinpoint steering.The Vespa LX also utilises storage space to the rider's advantage. The under seat compartment holds a full face helmet. There is a bag hook on the front of the saddle and the inside of the front shield has a glove compartment.The Vespa LX has two different engines- a powerful 50cc two stroke and a 125cc four stroke on with an anti-theft ED is standard.
vespa lx


Vespa LX 3V

*This model is now being phased out and replaced by the Vespa Primavera* With environmental and economic concerns being so evident amongst today’s society the natural progression of the LX was to introduce a scooter which is capable of enhanced fuel economy and lower emissions….as a result the LX 3V was born! During development of the new 3 valve engine particular attention was paid on reduction friction throughout the engine to deliver benefits in performance, economy and noise.
The new crankshaft, camshaft bearings and roller rocker delivers the reduction of friction needed to improve efficiency in terms of lowering fuel consumption and a performance increase. In search of the best compromise between improving performance and reducing fuel consumption, 3 valves are the most effective solution. This configuration improves the engine efficiency by increasing intake capacity of the engine compared to a conventional 2-valve engine. This results in a cleaner combustion burn giving increased smoothness, significantly improved fuel economy and lower emissions. The new 3 valve engine allows for mpg figures higher than the top seller in the 125cc category with consequent savings in operating costs for the end customer. Consumption cycle calculated (WMTC 2.1) for the new Vespa 3 valve engine which delivers 27 miles per litre (123 Mpg) which is an improvement of 27% compared to previous “Leader” engine design.
Every 4,000 km travelled in an average year * you save over 34 litres, the equivalent of more than 1,500 km additional distance!
The new 3 valve engine also has an extended maintenance period (distance between each service) to every 10,000 km. Available in a 50cc and 125cc, standard or touring version.

vespa pxvespa gts supervespa lxvespa gts supersport

Vespa Limited Edition Models 2012

This years collection of limited edition Vespas is a superb mixture of classic and contemporary meets bold and daring including some new colours released for the more popular of last years collection.


Vespa GTS Super Sport
With aggressive styling, powerful performance from either a 125cc or 300cc engine and in either a gloss black finish or bold orange design, this Vespa scooter is simplistic, testosterone induced design at it's best. Taking all the handling and performance attributes of the GTS as well as having those extra touches of distinction and style.
vespa gts supersport


Vespa GTS Touring
After the huge success of the GTS Touring in 2011, Vespa have decided to continue with this model for 2012. In a rich metallic brown colour and lavished with front and rear chrome carrier and flyscreen as well as a luxurious chocolate leather seat this really is a beauty of a scooter. Ideal for mid to long range travelling - touring by name, touring by nature.
vespa gts touring


Vespa GTV Vie Della Moda
The Limited Edition Vespa GTV Vie Della Moda is Italian design and workmanship at it's finest! Simply translated, Vie Della Moda means 'Fashion Streets', and the Vespa GTV Vie Della Moda is exactly that, sheer style, sexiness, sophistication and high fashion riding down the street. This model is unbelievably elegant as well as boasting a powerful 300cc engine. Everything from the placement of the headlight to the lush coordinating saddle, chrome rear rack and flyscreen all make it incredibly appealing to the eye. The GTV Vie Della Moda is a Mike Tyson meets Sophia Loren kind of Scooter, visually stunning but it sure packs a punch! So successful in 2011 that it has been released in 2012 in a deep metallic brown.

vespa gtv vie della moda


Vespa LXV Vie Della Moda / Avorio Sienna
The second member of the retro range launched last year to have been brought back is the Vespa LXV Vie Della Moda, again in the deep metallic brown colour with chrome rear rack and flyscreen as standard. Ideal for those who want a top of the range scooter, nippy with high level performance but at a 125cc engine size so it can be ridden without the need of a full bike license. Taking it's inspiration from the 1960's, it's the finishing touches that make the Vespa LXV Vie Della Moda a truly unique model for the style conscious Vespa fan.
For Scooter Crazy though, the most exciting news is the return of the beautiful avorio sienna LXV. This was incredibly popular first time round as it had a timeless beauty and class.
vespa lxv vie della modavespa lxv avorio sienna


vespa gtv vie della modavespa gts touringvespa lxvvespa lxv vie della moda


4 great reasons - to buy Vespa scooters with complete confidence, peace of mind and security

piaggio assist

All Vespa scooters and bikes now come with 2 years manufacturers warranty as standard and all Vespa scooters over 50cc will come with 12 months roadside assistance and homestart. More great reasons to put Vespa on your shopping list!


Got A Used Vespa for Sale?
Scooter Crazy are always on the lookout for used scooters, in particular the PX model. If you have a used Vespa scooter you no longer want or would like to trade one in for a new model then call us now on 01484 540352 for an offer.

Want a Vespa Helmet to match your scooter? Not a problem. Scooter Crazy Ltd stock the full range of Vespa Helmets including the new GT and GT 300 helmets, the Vintage Vespa designs and the Vespa Soft Touch Helmets.


All these offers are available now at Scootercrazy, Huddersfield, West Yorkshire. For the cheapest Vespa scooter and moped deals contact us now on 01484 540352. Remember, the best scooter deals in Bradford, Leeds, Wakefield, Halifax, Mirfield or Dewsbury are in Huddersfield at Scootercrazy!



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