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Tucano Urbano have been dedicated to people on two wheels everyday, in every season and in every situation for over 10 years. Designed with the modern day commuter in mind, who wants to travel to and from work in comfort and style. Most famous for there impressive selection of scooter leg covers, Tucano Urbano have a thermoscud for practically every scooter!
Whether it's pouring with rain or sweltering hot (a very rare treat in the UK), be it a trip to the office or a jaunt into the countryside, Tucano Urbano will have something for you. Scooter and motorbike fashion clothing and accessories that guarantee safety and comfort in all weather conditions.
This page is designed to offer further information about their product range, how some of the items work and what sells / performs best.

Tucano Urbano Thermoscud Scooter Leg Covers & Motorbike Gaucho
The scooter leg cover has been a revolutionary item, providing warmth and protection against the elements and enabling you to stick to 2 wheel transport throughout the year. Tucano Urbano have a cover for practically every scooter but if you are struggling to find one for your model on our website don't fret! Simply give us a call on 01484 540352 or email us and we will see what we can do.
How it works - Dependant on the model of scooter, the leg cover either fastens with straps or screws into existing holes on you bike or scooter. Inflatable chambers on the sides of the cover prevent it from lifting/flapping at high speeds. The waterproof, heavy nylon outer keeps you protected from the wind and rain whilst the faux fur lined interior provides extra warmth. A built in saddle cover covers your saddle whilst you are away from the scooter and ensures that your bottom will remain dry when you return, it simply zips away into a hideaway compartment.

Some of the most popular models also include the thermal control system which actually recycles hot air from the radiator outlet to keep you extra toasty!

The gaucho covers work in the same way as the scooter leg cover only this is designed for larger motorbikes and tourers. There are a few sizes to choose from but if you are unsure on the correct model for you please feel free to contact us.

Universal scooter leg covers are ideal for passengers or those who do not spend too much time travelling. They simply strap on over your regular trousers and offer great thermal and waterproof protection without the hassle of having to remove your shoes / boots to take them off.

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Tucano Urbano Handgrip Covers & Handle Bar Covers
There is nothing worse than struggling to to ride because your fingers are so numb with the cold. Gloves offer some protection but bitter winds can easily penetrate through them. This is where the Tucano Urbano hand grip covers come into play. Full windproof protection that fastens easily onto your bike with a soft fleece lining. The neoprene version is available for scooters with or without bar end weights and with a choice of two designs. There is also a larger nylon version suitable for a large range of models. You can check model compatibility on the Tucano Urbano website before placing your handgrip cover order or contact us by telephone or email.

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Tucano Urbano Autumn & Winter Jackets

The colder months can be a stressful time for two-wheel commuters. Many want to keep warm and dry without having to wear a heavy traditional style motorbike jacket. Tucano have taken all this into consideration when designing their winter range. Warm, waterproof fabrics cut in sophisticated, high fashion styles with breathable, removable liners and CE approved armour. Our best selling scooter jacket by far is the Tucano Urbano Parka, available in a choice of colours and sizes, for men and women. Brand new and already proving incredibly popular is the Tucano Urbano Steve Invernale Jacket, the winter version of the sell out Summer Steve Jacket. The latest top selling addition is the Giacca Trip, one of the warmest jackets in the Tucano Urbano range. With a removable thermal padded jacket that can be worn on it's own or with outer Giacca Trip to keep you as cosy as possibly on those winter trips.
For the business men and women out there, a range of blazer style coats ensure that you can turn up for work looking smart without having to change first. Tucano Urbano add to their collection every year, constantly striving to stay ahead of the competition and produce the best, top quality, high fashion scooter clothing around. Scooter Crazy Ltd are proud to be their biggest supplier and stockist in the North whilst offering their entire collection online!

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Tucano Urbano Spring & Summer Jackets

Tucano Urbano have launched new styles in bright and cheerful colours to celebrate the arrival of spring/summer and revamped original styles so we can hide our blacks and browns away until winter. The stunning cottage jacket is available in an array of colours and is a stylish little number, fitted in design and perfect for those who commute to work but don't want to wear traditional scooter/motorbike clothing. Also proving increasingly popular is the Tucano Urbano Steve jacket, now available in the Air Bag style so it can be fitted with Tucano Urbano's revolutionary air back back protector system.

For those of you looking for an all year round jacket it has to be the new and improved Tucano Urbano Libeccio Jacket. This has been best seller for several years thanks to its all-year-round protection. The Libeccio jacket has a removable thermal lining and is fully waterproof and breathable.

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Tucano Urbano Gloves

The Tucano Urbano range of gloves are popular due to their simpler, non-garish styling. Any knuckle protection is discreetly hidden rather than making the gloves look bulky. Colours are muted with reflective strips for visibility, waterproof and breathable with thermal membranes, and lightweight for the summer months you're bound to find a pair of gloves to suit your style in the Tucano Urbano range. Prices cover both low and top end and the quality and finish is outstanding.

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Tucano Urbano Waterproof Clothing

Don't get caught out in a freak shower ever again! Tucano's Nano rain collection folds up so small into the carry bag provided that you can actually fit it in the palm of your hand, so storage is no issue. Waterproof trousers can be one of the best pieces of kit you'll ever buy.... anything to prevent soggy, heavy bike trousers and wet bums!. The Nano collection now includes waterproof suits, jackets and over-shoes so can ensure you're 100% dry, 100% of the time.

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Tucano Urbano Accessories

Sometimes it can be the little things that do the most work and Tucano Urbano have once again put the needs of the customer first when designing their range of scooter accessories. Stylish neck warmers, balaclava's and scarves work wonders, particularly for those who wear open face helmets as they keep the wind and cold at bay.
Their range of silk and thermal undergarments offer further protection from the elements without being bulky or uncomfortable under clothing. In addition to these are some great gift ideas and little tokens to put a smile on any scooter addict's face.

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